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Custom Wood Milling and Planing Services


Denver Wood Slabs offers custom milling services for wood both purchased from our inventory or brought in by our customers. We can mill slabs up to 54″ wide and have an hourly rate of $150-200/hr with a $100 minimum. Let us know more about the services you are looking for. We will discuss the process with you and set up a time to bring in your material for custom milling. Or, make an appointment to look through our inventory and find the right piece that’s ready to go for you.

Our wood slab inventory includes local, urban trees that are being taken down due to disease, age, wind or development. Rather than dispose of these trees in a landfill, we mill and kiln dry them into usable slabs and lumber. Over the years we have amassed an impressive inventory of hardwood slabs, dimensional lumber and beams available for purchase. In addition to custom milling services, we are able to plane, dimension, resin, sand and finish any slabs purchased from our inventory.

“By woodworkers, for woodworkers”

We cater to the real craftsman or discerning professional seeking material that is grain and color-matched, sequenced or book matched in custom and hard-to-find sizes…using the same care and expertise with the wood slab inventory we sell as we expect ourselves.


Denver Wood Slabs offers large wood slab planing up to 60″ wide as well as re-sawing, surface sanding, stacking, drying and delivery.  Planing rates are $150/hr with a $100 minimum. Depending on log conditions, we can generally flatten slabs for $100-150 and take great care to only remove as much material as needed.

Join the Urban Wood Movement

We are proud members of the Urban Wood Network, a national organization of urban wood industry professionals created to unite, promote, and demonstrate urban wood utilization.

Milling a salvaged white oak tree

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Wood Slabbing Rates

Up to 24″$200/hr or $1/board foot
24″-48″$1.25/board foot
48″+$200/hr or $1.50/board foot
Broken teeth:$40/ea
Blade damage:TBD, $35 minimum
Chainsaw damage/replacement:$200