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Salvaged Wood From Urban Trees

Giving Trees New Life

At Denver Wood Slabs we are passionate about turning local, urban trees that are being taken down due to disease, age, weather or development into salvaged wood, giving them a second life.

When a tree company removes a tree from a property, it is often cut down and chipped into mulch and disposed of in landfill. When we salvage the wood and mill it into usable wood slabs or lumber, it can be upcycled into beautiful and useful pieces. Our wood has been used for high-end furniture, architectural millwork, flooring, counters, art pieces and more.

Whether you would like to mill and use the wood yourself, or just ensure that your tree does not go to waste, we can work with you and your tree company.

Let us know if you have a tree you would like to salvage and we will walk you through the process.

Historic White Oak

This tree was destined to be cut down and chipped when this Cherry Creek home was sold to a developer.

Salvaged Wood

We hired a tree company to take down the tree preserving the trunk and branches.

A Second Life

We milled the trunk and branches into usable wood slabs.

Stunning Wood Grain

You never know what you will see inside each tree. This white oak produced some gorgeous grain.

Each piece of salvaged wood has a unique character and beauty.
Every repurposed tree has its own history and story, making it a special addition to any project.


We have invested in the equipment needed to mill and kiln dry wood slabs from urban trees, providing material for our custom furniture business, Where Wood Meets Steel. In addition, we sell wood to other woodworkers, home-builders, home owners and designers. Get in touch and we will let you know if your tree is a good fit for us


Save your tree from the chipper and have us mill it into usable slabs or lumber. We have milled customer’s trees for tables, flooring, wood panels, counters and art pieces. We can advise you on a plan of action for repurposing your tree.